Saturday, September 16, 2006

Stinky tofu

What do you when you've got a slab of tofu that's past it's prime? So far past it's prime that it's partially fermented? You can't let it go to waste, so deep fry it and serve it up in the local restaurant! Stinky tofu (chao dofu) is a famous -- or infamous -- local dish. You hear about it soon after arriving and it seems to be obligatory to try it. I'd been warned, but my adventurous curiosity got the best of me and we ordered some last night. Well, the name of the dish is quite accurate, and it basically tastes like rotten tofu. A few people actually claim to like the stuff, though.

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Jason H. said...

Val and I experienced "stinky tofu" when we were in Taiwan and I concur with your assessment! It really is nasty stuff for Westerners.