Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lunch - Fear Factor style

If you've ever seen the TV show Fear Factor, you've seen people eat some scary stuff. Eating in China can be an adventure, too. I went to lunch with a large group of colleagues today and we ate family style. Some of the dishes I sampled:
  • Spicy frog stew (in a broth packed with red chiles)
  • Pumpkin coated with a sauce of brined duck egg yolk
  • Spicy stew of unknown beef organs (my friends weren't sure, but they think the organs are from the cow's neck)
  • Chicken feet pickled in rice wine
Have you ever tried to eat chicken feet? Don't bother. As you might guess, there's not much but a few nibbles of chewy skin. And the mystery beef organs? Not bad, actually.


Evil Nate said...

Remember when eating:
Don't ask, don't tell!

Anonymous said...

I know you are like living life and all but what you say to a little perf testing in NC? Jes kid'n! Thanks for cc'ing me in...I only wish the utmost best for you and fam. You gotta fiend..literally, in me.
G at Lowe's