Sunday, September 17, 2006

It's the little things

What I wouldn't give for...

Fitted sheets! They only have flat sheets here. I've heard you can have fitted sheets made if you go to the wholesale fabric market. You pay for the material and then they can turn that into fitted sheets for an extra $3.

A bowl of cereal. We eat A LOT of eggs for breakfast.

Straight hair. My hair is always frizzy in the humidity - and especially when it rains.

A good cup of coffee.

Silence. There is always noise here - and lots of it. The apartment complex pipes in music that it plays near the walkways at night. All the busses have videos playing on them all the time. Everybody has a cell phone and seems to be screaming into it all the time. I watched one man talk on his phone with it held far away from his head. I wanted to tell him that if he held it near his ear and mouth then both he and the person he was talking to could speak a little more quietly - but of course this would have required speaking Chinese.

Things I wish we could get in the US ...

A $5 massage

Somebody to clean my house for $3

Babysitting for $1/hour or day care for $100/month (full time, every day)

I suppose to sum it up - cheap labor.

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Anonymous said...

Amy, Oh, I know just how you feel! "What an amazing experience!!! And what I wouldn't give to just have a break from it." I have been thinking of you a lot, and I am so glad that you and Brad have started this blog with your adventures, activities, and photos! How are things here? I actually just hung out with Laura and Sebastian today. She looks lovely and Sebastian is so energetic! Leaves are turning and we've been torn apart by 3 school shootings in the past 3 weeks. I am enjoying having Kathy closer, but at the expense of you being far away. I think of you often and will look forward to your updates! your lakewood friend