Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let the Big 3 fail

Detroit needs a shake up. The big 3 can't produce quality products at a profitable price. Part of the reason is their union contracts, and part of it is that they just can't figure out how to compete with Toyota. Giving them a taxpayer funded bailout now would be no better than offering free herion to a junkie to feed his bad habit. It's time we let a bad business fail, and give new, innovative companies the opportunity to fill the void.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Elizabeth's first ski trip

This past Sunday we took advantage of the Colorado passes we bought and hauled the kids up to Breckenridge for some early season skiing - and Elizabeth's first time on skis, at age 2 and a half! It was a great day to introduce her to the wonderful world of snow sports, with bright sunshine and temperatures in the 40's. Andrew's first skiing experience, on the other hand, was a frigid and windy day at Mary Jane. He didn't last long in those conditions. We got 4 runs in on Sunday, and Elizabeth really enjoyed it. It certainly helped that she had a big brother encouraging her.