Sunday, September 10, 2006

Andrew is a Super Star

I know every one reading this thinks Andrew is cute - but the Chinese people go nuts over him. Brad says it's almost like they don't believe that white adults come from white babies, but mostly it's just because they don't see very many white babies. People are always touching him and having their picture taken with him and talking to him. At first he really ate it up, but it's gotten to the point where most of the time he wont even look at anybody who isn't speaking English.

The most extreme occasion was one day when Andrew was playing in the fountain in our apartment complex and a couple of people were near by. Pretty soon passers by stopped to watch and then people who had been on their balconies came down with their cameras and started taking pictures of him and calling their friends on the phone to tell them about this crazy white kid playing in the fountain. One of Brad's co-workers saw the whole thing from a nearby restaurant. I really didn't think much of it since I'd seen several Chinese kids playing in the fountain. Soon a lady told me that Chinese children would never run around in the fountain with their clothes on when the weather is like this. I suppose when I think about it all the kids I had seen before were naked and 80 degree weather was a dramatic drop from the first couple of days we were here.


Anonymous said...

yep..happens to my kids all the time too! Just tape his eyes back so they are squinty. That ought to do it...otherwise it is hair dye time!!

Dominic said...

Amy and Brad, I love your blog! Your apartment looks great. I share in your surprise that everything is so modernized. I love it that Andrew is a superstar. I know when the paparazzi hunts me down, it can be annoying. He'll get used to it. He better, with his soon to be hit, "Early in the morning, We all Drink Beer", he's bound to be an international superstar. I move that the DFA adopt that as it's new theme song. Hope the stay continues to go well. - Dominic

Anonymous said...

Amy, I am so glad you posted aboout this! What DO you DO with all of the touching, photos, and attention? How does Andrew handle it? And do you charge a fee for photos? your lakewood friend