Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter weekend

We had a great Easter weekend, starting with egg decorating a few days ago. The Paas kit we bought had stickers and hats to dress up the eggs with; the photo below shows the result. On Saturday morning we enjoyed an Easter egg hunt for the kids at Barb & Dave Frommel's house. This was Elizabeth's first real chance to participate in the hunt, and she loved it. Saturday night, we had dinner with Jason & Lindy Kearns and Yoshi and Sandra Tagawa. Jason and his family are in town from Washington DC with their 3 kids for a spring break vacation. Jason and Yoshi are fraternity brothers, and I haven't seen them since Andrew was a few months old. It was great to catch up! On Sunday, of course the Easter bunny visited our house and Andrew and Liz had another chance to search for candy-filled eggs. Next was church, where Elizabeth got to show off her pretty dress.

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