Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Adventures of Mr. Mom

Amy is on a business trip in Kentucky until Friday evening, so look out, kids, I'm Mr. Mom for the rest of the week! That's right - I have sole responsibility for waking, dressing, packing lunch, driving to day care and preschool, picking up from said locations, feeding again, playing games with, putting pajamas on, and tucking into bed -- for 2 kids. Of course, I get to enjoying playing with them for a short time each evening before bed. Tonight, I cooked up spaghetti, and let them watch Shrek 2 while I ate my own meal and cleaned up. Thank goodness for DVDs. Amy (bless her heart!) made a big batch of chili on Monday before she left, so I shouldn't need to cook dinner for the rest of the week.

Andrew is really sad that mommy isn't here and doesn't understand why he couldn't go with her. Hopefully he won't be scarred for life.

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