Sunday, March 02, 2008

Ski school

Yesterday, we put Andrew in ski school at Winter Park, hoping that would help him improve faster than we can teach him ourselves. We put him in Level 2, where they spend the day on the "magic carpet" - a tiny hill with a conveyor belt the kids stand on to get up the hill. Looks like it was a little too easy for him, so next time it'll definitely be Level 3, where they ride up a real ski run on a cart pulled by a snowmobile. His instructor said he spent a lot of the morning crying for mommy, but in the afternoon he calmed down and skied great - the best in his class.

This is Andrew's 3rd season on skis, but he's only been skiing a few days each season, and only a few runs per day. He started with a little rubber strap to keep his ski tips together, but we took that off this year and he's done great without it. He loves to go fast, he can do a snowplow (or as we call it, a pizza wedge), and he can turn fairly well. Amy and I took him for a run with us before his lesson started, and again after his lesson was over. He didn't want to go afterward, but he said he would go if we gave him a Pez candy afterward. He drives a hard bargain!

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