Sunday, March 18, 2007

Back home with the kids

After 2 weeks in China, we're back home with the kids. Kids - plural - I'm not used to that yet! Our long flight home from Guangzhou included an unexpected overnight stay in LA, since our flight arrived in LA an hour late and we couldn't catch our connecting flight to Denver. After passing through immigration in LA, Elizabeth is now a US citizen!

Amy devised a great scheme for getting us some extra space on the plane. We knew there were about a dozen empty seats on the 777 - with 3 seats on each side, 2 aisles, and 4 seats in the middle. So we requested seats near the rear of the plane, and got the window seat and 2 aisle seats (A, C, and D), with an empty seat (B) in the middle. We were hoping, of course, that no one would take that one middle seat at the back of the plane, and we got lucky - since both the B and E seats were empty, we actually had 5 seats for the 4 of us, which meant Andrew could lay down flat on 2 seats and Elizabeth had her own seat even though we only paid for a lap ticket.

Back at home, all the grandparents have had a chance to meet their new granddaughter and we're getting over the jet lag. I've been up since 3 am.


AmericanCrystalBall said...

Welcome back and congratulations! Good luck with being catapulted into the realm of 2 kids!

Dan said...

how are you! my name is DAN, a lady from Shanghai China. I read your BLOG by chance .your article is very graceful and clear. During a long and difficult process(my English isn't very good) ,i read about your and your family, your cute son,your story in China.I must admit that in China
there are some things and some places isn't enough satisfied,but you know ,i love my hometown Shanghai and my country i want to tell you when you spend more time in China you will find that there the people are very friendly and deligent and lots of scenery pots are very beautiful. Of course, when i read your BLOG step by step, i feel you and your husband are friendly and you enjoy yourself in Beijing and many spots in China. I like your pictures! You are a nice and lively lady.I read your son's birth and grow up. I think your favorite sport is Ski?
I arrived USA three months ago and now live in CUPERTINO CA(bayarea). My husband is a excellent engineer and work at here. Because i must spend some time to improve my spoken english so i stay at home for a while.I continue to read your BLOG and i know you decide to go back China recently and adopt a girl. I know the great effect to the little girl's fate because she will own family love. Thank you and Good luck with your four!!

If ok, i will keep on reading your BLOG , your family happy story and the two children growing up. I want to know whether i can often send you email.
Good luck with your whole family


Brad Swanson said...

Hi Dan, thanks for your comments. I'm glad to hear that you enjoy my blog, and you are of course welcome to keep reading and leaving comments. If you would like to send us email, please write a comment with your email address and we will contact you. I will then delete your comment so your email address will not be posted.