Monday, March 12, 2007

Adjusting to a new family

After spending her first 10 and half months at the orphanage and in foster care, Elizabeth is faced with a big adjustment now. All the people and places she is familiar with will be replaced by strange new ones. The first day we had her, she was completely cheerful and smiling. By day two, though, she lost her smile and her appetite. She threw up and had diarrhea. It could be been due to food, or just physical illness, but I suspect the stress of her new reality was a big factor. Days three through five with her new family brought a gradual improvement in her mood and apetitie. On Sunday, day six, we had a bit of a breakthrough. Our room was hot and stuffy, and she seemed listless. Amy and I took Liz and Andrew to the hotel pool, and were overjoyed to discover that she loved being in the water. We set her in an inflatable floatie we brought with us, and that big smile reappeared as she floated around the kiddie pool and watched her big brother splash and play. It was fantastic to see her and Andrew playing together, too.

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Brenda McKenna said...

Brad, Amy, Andrew & Liz,

Glad to hear that things are going well for you and that Elizabeth is adjusting nicely. If she keeps up using the potty, I will not be telling my sister-in-law, Molly, this fact as her little girl from China only kept up her use of the potty for one day and now at over 3 years old is still having potty training issues. :(

Safe travels back to Colorado!

Brenda McKenna