Saturday, February 07, 2009

Running uphill

The February edition of Trail Runner magazine has some great tips on good form for running uphill.
  • Posture: Don't bend at the waist; keep your body in a straight line. Keep hips forward and imagine a string pulling your chest forward. This efficient posture allows you to "fall" up the hill.
  • Use short strides and quick steps. Three steps per second. Like granny gear on your bike.
  • Ball first, heel second. Land on the ball of your foot, then lightly touch down your heel.
  • Swing your arms. Provides vertical propulsion and forward force.
  • On steep inclines, turn your feet to 10 o'clock in a sidestep motion. This can engage your core muscles more to keep your legs from getting exhausted.
And a training tip: train on a treadmill with a steep incline. This way you can avoid the damaging downhills.

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