Sunday, August 17, 2008

2008 Pikes Peak Ascent results

Some people who have run in the Pikes Peak Ascent and marathon for years are calling the weather for the 2008 Ascent the worst in race history. According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, only 760 of 1972 registered runners finished the race, and 80 finishers were treated for hypothermia. The paper has another decent article about yesterday's Pikes Peak Ascent, but unfortunately their online article doesn't have the photos they included in the print version. Here is Pikes Peak on Sunday morning - showing the August snowfall.

Here are some stats on my 2008 run and a comparison to last year's results.
I finished in 3:03:32 in 52th place overall, 46th among men (yes, that means that 6 women beat me), 9th out of 109 finishers in my age divison (male 35-39). That compares with 3:05:03, 69th place overall, 63rd among the men, and 12th out of 189 in my age group in 2007. The official 2008 results are posted here, but their list skips 15th place overall, so maybe I really finished in 51st place?

That's 1:31 faster than last year's time. Not bad, but I'm still disappointed that I didn't hit my goal of 3 hours.

Although I was fairly sore Saturday afternoon and evening, I'm a bit surprised that I'm not very sore at all today. Even so, I don't have any plans to go running again for a few days.

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