Sunday, May 04, 2008

7 weeks til the Mt. Evans ascent

I have 7 weeks until the Mt. Evans Ascent, which means it's time to kick my training into high gear. Today I ran for about an hour and 20 minutes at Elk Meadow Park, starting at 7600 feet and climbing to somewhere over 9000 feet. Yesterday, I went for long bike ride, with Andrew in tow in the double-wide trailer. The extra weight and drag makes the 400 vertical foot climb from Bear Creek Lake park to my house a good workout.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Brad-
I'm training for the Mt. Evans ride too! I've been riding up to the ski area above Santa Fe, but that only gets me to 10,000.
Do you have any tips or pointers? Have you done this one before?
lencho1411 at

Anonymous said...

Mt Evans Ascent is a running race...Bob Cook memorial is the ride.