Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Elizabeth's first day in day care

Amy started a part-time contract working on the Lawson HR/payroll system at Catholic Health Initiatives. She's excited for the chance to spend a few days a week interacting with adults, and the extra money will be nice, but we were a little worried about how Liz would react to being without mom for a full day. It turns out she hardly missed mom at all. I'm not sure if we should be relieved or concerned. I thought for sure she would go into hysterics when Amy left her at Kindercare, but she had no problems. Amy said the Liz wasn't even particularly excited to see her when she picked her up. I guess she must be having lots of fun at Kindercare.

Here's what her report said Elizabeth did on day 1:
  • Went outside and got leaves and took them inside
  • stacked soft blocks
  • painted with water colors
  • ate well @ lunch
  • cryed [sic] while laying down for nap / woke up happy
  • put foot braces on at 12:20 took off at 2:20
  • colored with markers
  • sang and danced
That's a busy day!

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