Sunday, February 04, 2007

Para-sledding in Wyoming

The scene:
  • February 3, on the high plains south of Laramie Wyoming.
  • Steady winds of 30-40 mph out of the west, with gusts of 50+ mph.
  • Lots of blowing snow.
  • About 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

The equipment:
  • One used tarp, about 12 ft x 6 ft
  • About 60 feet of rope
  • One sled (later replaced with a $10 Kmart inflatable "tube" sled)
  • Really warm clothes
Add it all up, and you've got para-sledding!

Amy, Andrew and I spent the weekend with my sister Lynette and her husband Jeff Morris on their 40-acre spread south of Laramie. After battling the brutal winds all the way up I-25 and then on I-80, I figured I could get my revenge by putting all that blowing to some good use.

Jeff and I rigged the "sail" and had some fun while the wives watched with amusement from the comfort of home. We both got a few good runs in, although next time, I'd use a bigger sail for more speed!

Like I've said before, enjoy the snow, and in this case, the wind too!

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