Sunday, December 17, 2006

Things I'd never get used to

As the end of our stay in China approaches I find myself getting nostalgic and finding things that I will miss. There are a few things though that I'd never get used to no matter how long we stayed:

traffic: No matter how many times we come millimeters away from hitting the guy on the bicycle or a car pulls in front of the bus without looking I always cringe.

Public vomiting: I can't remember the last time I saw anybody throw-up in public in the US - maybe in 4th grade. It doesn't seem to be a big deal here and every few days I see somebody leaning over the gutter and the rest of the world passing them by without a second glance. Once they have finished they continue on with their day like nothing has happened. Thankfully most people make it to the gutter, though more than once I've seen puddles on the public busses.

Pollution: Smog, cigarette smoke, and more than anything NOISE

Bedding: I'd have to get some fitted sheets made if we were staying longer

Comments on the Comments: Admittedly I have seen public vomiting in the US due to public drunkenness which is definitely not a problem in China. It's been awhile since I've closed the bars down and I'd forgotten this. Bourbon Street was much more disgusting than anything I experienced in China. No matter what, standing in a puddle of puke on a public bus is not fun and I would never get used to it. On pollution: no matter where you are if your boogers are black every day it is too polluted. On traffic: there are crazy drivers all over the world, but it seemed to me that more drivers were crazy in Hangzhou. Also, when you put pedestrians, bikes, and cars in such close proximity things tend to get crazier. In the big cities we visited (Beijing and Shanghai) traffic seemed less out of control, though more congested.
Except the pollution these are not necessarily things I'd like to change, just things I'd never get used to.


jibjab said...

lol. I lived in China for over 10 years and didn't see any public vomiting. You, a smart housewife, must created a puking contest as you guys do in America.

Anonymous said...

I think you guys should get out of your house more often. Last time I saw people vomiting in the public was New Year's eve in Las Vegas.That was gross!!!You would see drunk people vomiting everywhere in Las Vegas.
Well, or you can come to LA, you would see even more people vomiting and peeing in the public.

Anonymous said...


When you come to LA, you will know what real "pollution" means...

Anonymous said...

When I went into the New York city subway station,It's so disgusting......Do New Yorker get used to that?

Anonymous said...

If you are really a smart, highly educated American woman who knows your own country well, but not only a "smart" housewife who cares only your own small family-hood, you should already have been used to, or at least not be suprised by these "Things".
Traffic: Most American women like to switch lines without signaling and shoulder-check (well, dont argue with me, i was taught this in your driving school.)Many American drivers drive crazily and aggressively and I always have to pay attention to them on the road. Ohh, not mention the crazy traffic in the large cities, horrible!
Public vomiting:As many have said, not surprised for me to see it on the American street. I really worry about your teenagers b.t.w., boys and gals walked out of the bars at weekend midnight, drunked, leaning against each other, thorwing up on the street...
Pollution:I'd say I have been staying in NY for 2 years and i still could not get used to the smelly air and the disgusting street.
Bedding: If I were a housewife, I'd love to make warm and comfortable sheets for my family, it is a sweet thing to do:) Unfortunately I work so I dont have too much time to do it.
I can totally understand the huge culture schok you got after you came to China. However, some of these you v been experienced are also happening everyday in your own country. How could you, as a highly educated American woman, not be smart enough to realize this?