Saturday, July 01, 2006

Tourist Traps

You know you’re on vacation when you eat bacon 3 meals a day. I had bacon & eggs this morning, a bacon guacamole burger for lunch, and more elk steak (wrapped in bacon) for dinner.

The whole fam-damily spent a good chunk of the day at the Glenwood Caverns & Adventure park. We did the cave tour and sped down the hill on the alpine slide, which was a blast. Three-year-old Andrew loved the slide; when he and Amy got to the bottom, he shouted out “again!”. I guess you gotta do these cheesy tourist traps once you have kids; it’s unavoidable.

On the drive up here, we stopped and rode the Georgetown Loop railroad, which is a reconstruction of a 19th century rail line that has to loop over itself in order to make it up the steep canyon from the mining towns of Georgetown to Silver Plume. Another tourist trap, but a fun time.

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