Monday, June 26, 2006


My job got outsourced to India. The rumors had been floating around StorePerform for a few days that something was up, and I figured there would be a few layoffs, but I got cold cocked. I didn’t expect that they’d offshore the entire product development, QA and support teams to India.

“I hope you got a good severance,” several people told me. Not a chance. Not at SP. Taking care of employees was never high on the executives’ list of priorities.

Fortunately, I’ve got a good network of friends and colleagues and it shouldn’t be too difficult jump back out of the unemployment line.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your misfortune. It should be federal statute that an American company should operate in America, and that outsourcing should be illegal. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

would you support the converse of that statement, Ron? That federal statutes should prohibit foreign companies from operating or outsourcing in the United States?